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  • Do something about school violence

     The following lesson is the second lesson of a 10-day School Violence Unit.

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  • Vocabulary can be fun

    Crosswords, hangman etc...The goal has been to create a vocabulary oriented site that would be educational, fun, simple to use and friendly.The site has something for everyone and there will be updates on an ongoing basis.

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  • BBC Watch and Listen

    In this part of the BBC site you can improve and practise your English with activities that involve listening and watching. Each of the sections below has something to listen to, some have video as well and there are lots of exercises to test your comprehension.

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  • There’s Something Funny About These Candidates

    In this NY Times lesson, students learn about the power of caricature to reinforce and/or create media images of politicians and public figures by analyzing political cartoons and spoofs from the past and present (2008-15).

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  • Writing for the ear

     ”Writing for the Ear” means writing words that people will hear with their ears, not read with their eyes. Like when people write scripts for radio or TV. Or when YOU write an oral presentation to read in class.When you write for the ear, you must remember one important fact: Listeners don’t get a second chance! READERS who don’t understand something can go back and ...

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  • Market Failures and Government Regulation: Is the Cure Worse than the Disease?

    Economic efficiency is something much more than producing goods at the lowest possible cost. In involves providing individuals with the goods and services they desire, in the quantities, qualities, places, and times they desire them, with the least use of society’s scarce resources. In America, antitrust laws forbid the use of certain practices that are detrimental to ...

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  • Stubenhocker: Zuhause Deutsch lernen (Goethe-Institut)

    Hier stellt das Goethe-Institut digitale Angebote zum Deutschlernen vor, die für alle Niveaus geeignet sind. Es werden kostenfreie Apps, Videos, Spiele bereit gestellt, die von Kindern, Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen als Zielgruppen genutzt werden können.

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