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101 bis 110
  • Europe in 12 lessons

    Students find out what the European Union does, what it’s for and how it works in 12 easy lessons you can download from the EU bookshop (2010-2014).

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  • D@dalos: What is the European Union?

    Course and text sources regarding the history of European integration, Institutions in the EU, Enlargement and reform (D@dalos 2009-14)

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  • European Parliament: Ethics and transparency

    This site explains the principles of conduct for Members of Parliament, in particular, their legislative work. Interest representatives can be searched in a public Transparency Register (2015)

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  • Living Reviews in European Governance

    Englischsprachige Zeitschrift, die Kernthemen der europäischen Demokratieforschung fokussiert (Universität Wien 2015)

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  • Leading Clean Energy Innovation

    The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has assembled an impressive array of educational resources for teachers working with elementary, middle, and high school students (USA 2015).

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  • Be an Energy Saver

    This bilingual lesson focuses on the scarce and nonrenewable nature of fossil fuels in order to stimulate student thinking about energy conservation (EconEd 2007).

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  • The Economics of Recycling

    Students will review the legislation in Japan that requires all consumers to pay a fee for recycling large appliances.

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  • Plume Air Report

    Eine Weltkarte der Luftverschmutzung zeigt stündlich aktualisiert die Luftqualität in circa 200 Metropolregionen (2016).

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  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    1970 EPA was established to consolidate in one agency a variety of federal research, monitoring, standard-setting and enforcement activities to ensure environmental protection (2010-15).

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  • Global Policy Forum: Global Public Goods

    Global Policy Forum’s mission is to monitor policy making at the United Nations (2009-15).

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