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  • The Glossary of Education Reform

    What is a norm-referenced test? What does it mean for a student to be ʺcollege-readyʺ? What does project-based learning entail? The Glossary of Education Reform is intended to make jargon and terminology used in educational policy circles accessible (USA: Great Schools Partnership 2017-21).

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  • Reformation

    Sammlung von Netzquellen

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  • D@dalos: What is the European Union?

    Course and text sources regarding the history of European integration, Institutions in the EU, Enlargement and reform (D@dalos 2009-14)

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  • The Friend of Man (1836-1842)

    One of the most significant newspapers documenting early anti-slavery and other reform movements (Cornell University 2015-21)

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  • FairVote

    The organization advocates electoral reform in the United States as ranked choice voting (RCV), single-winner elections, a national popular vote for president, a right to vote amendment to the Constitution, and universal voter registration (USA 2018).

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  • Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000

    The act sets out how political parties, elections and referendums are to be regulated in the United Kingdom. It formed an important part of the constitutional reform programme implemented by the 1997 Labour Government (2018).

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