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Country / region: Guam

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Asia; Pacific Rim; Australia; New Zealand; Canada; United States; China; India; Indonesia; Japan; Cambodia; Guam; Kazakhstan; Republic of Korea; Malaysia; Pakistan; Philippines; Singapore; Vietnam
The Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA) provides a forum for professionals working in career guidance and counselling in our about Asia and the Pacific - from early to adult education. Its website provides information about APCDA, about regional country members, about the annual APCDA conference, webinars, and publications (a newsletter and the Asia Pacific [...]

Guam; United States
Official and up to date website of the Department of Education on the island of Guam (Insular Areas of the United States). The U.S. Department of Education provides a different link for Guam on its website, but this link is outdated. This site offers information about the public education system in Guam, especially about education policy, the curriculum, statistics and [...]

Guam; United States
This site provides information about the education system and education possibilities in Guam.

Australia; Oceania; Fiji; Guam; Kiribati; Marshall Islands; Nauru; New Caledonia; New Zealand; Palau; Papua New Guinea; Solomon Islands; Tuvalu; Northern Mariana Islands; international; United States; France
This web site is a resource of the Center for Global Education. The site provides web links to colleges and universities in Australia and Oceania. Along with links to the home language home pages, the site also provides direct links to an English Language Home Page and the Website of the International Relations Office. Through connection to resources like the International [...]

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