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The website offers the respective country description taken from the following three publications: ´National System Overviews´: This series gives a brief but effective overview of the education systems in 31 countries, from pre-primary level to higher education. Updated twice a year, it also provides information on ongoing reforms and debate in the field of education. ´National Education System Descriptions´ are highly detailed reports on education systems covered by the Eurydice Network. The reports are updated annually by the National Units in the Network, in English and often also in their national language. The reference year, which is clearly specified on the cover of each language version, may vary from one country to the next depending on the period required to collect the data for updates. ´Structures of Education and Training System in Europe´ is a series of national descriptions outlining all types and phases of learning. Therefore, these descriptions may be regarded as an important support to all those wishing to obtain complete and succinct information on one or more national education system(s).

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Ressourcentyp: Übersicht
Schlagwörter / Index: Volltext; Überblick; Literaturangaben; Glossar; Adressensammlung; Statistische Daten; Bildungssystem; Bildungsverwaltung; Bildungsreform; Bildungspolitik; Vorschulerziehung; Primarbereich; Sekundarbereich; Schulsystem; Berufsbildung; Hochschulbildung; Erwachsenenbildung; Weiterbildung; Sonderpädagogik; Lehrer; Lehrerbildung; Curriculum; Evaluation; Europäische Dimension; Bildungsrecht; Bildungsstatistik;
Sprache: Englisch; Portugiesisch
Quelle / Autor der Webseite: European Commission / EACEA (Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency; Eurydice
Herkunftsland der Quelle: Europa;
Aufgenommen am: 30.05.2001
Zuletzt geändert am: 15.07.2013
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