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  • Physics To Go

    Collection of websites, physics images, and activities (American Physical Society 2013)

    Details  DE:Select.HE:1735827

  • Chemistry Educational Digital Library

    Portal for chemical science education (National Science Digital Library, Journal of Chemical Education, The Chemistry Collective, USA 2010)

    Details  DE:Select.HE:946965

  • Understanding Genetics

    Interaktive Online Ausstellungen zum Thema (Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose 2005-14)

    Details  DE:Select.HE:1741934

  • Dr. Saul's Biology in Motion

    Interactive biology learning activities (USA 2014)

    Details  DE:Select.HE:1741910

  • Bionet

    Informationsangebot zu neuen Entwicklungen in den Biowissenschaften, ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt von acht europäischen Wissenschaftsmuseen und Science Centern (2005-14)

    Details  DE:Select.HE:1741928

  • The Structure of a Medieval Manuscript

    This animation from the Getty Museum illustrates how medieval books were constructed (USA 2009-14).

    Details  DE:Select.HE:1740956

  • BioInteractive

    Multimedia site with interactive activities, videos, animations and virtual labs for students and teaching resources (Howard Hughes Medical Institute USA 2014)

    Details  DE:Select.HE:1741932

  • Spongelab: Build-A-Body

    A drag and drop game where players are tasked with assembling an organ system and making their way through the nervous, skeletal, excretory, and reproductive systems (USA 2013)

    Details  DE:Select.HE:1644333

  • The Ear Pages

    Sound is caused by changes of pressure in the air that is transformed into nerve impulses in the inner ear. Explore "The Ear Pages" and collect the snail shaped symbols to gain points in the quiz!

    Details  DE:Select.HE:1002298

  • The Tree of Life Web Project

    Online database that compiles information about biodiversity and the evolutionary relationships of all organisms. Its goal is to contain a page with pictures, text, and other information for every species and for each group of organisms, living or extinct (USA 2006-14)

    Details  DE:Select.HE:1741906

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