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Access to HIV/AIDS and sexual violence protection services among women and men with hearing, visual and physical impairments in Battambang and Kampong cham provinces of Cambodia

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Link: http://www.zbdw.de/projekt01/media/pdf/2010_2_BiE.pdf

This article presents the findings of a study on access to HIV prevention¹ and sexual violence protection services among persons with disabilities in Cambodia, based on a gender and cross-impairment analysis. The results show obvious discrepancies between women and men of different impairments in regards to their level of HIV knowledge and risks to sexual violence, in particular among women with disabilities. Furthermore, local services providers revealed their lack of awareness on disability issues and capacity in providing accessible services to them. Ways forward in addressing the rights of women and men with disabilities, as well as gaps in services delivery will have to be addressed in concerted manners at political, societal and community levels.

Schlagwörter: Aids; Behinderung; Prävention; Hörbehinderung; Sehbehinderung; Körperbehinderung; Asien;
Fach, Sachgebiet: _Bildung weltweitSchulbildung
BehindertenpädagogikPsychologische, medizinische Aspekte der Behindertenpädagogik
BehindertenpädagogikBehindertenwesenInternationale Behindertenpädagogik
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