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Connecting Classrooms

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Link: https://www.britishcouncil.org/partner/international-collaboration/track -record/connecting-classrooms

Connecting Classrooms is a global programme that creates partnerships between clusters of schools in the UK and around the world. These partnerships bring an international dimension to young people’s learning, to improve their knowledge and understanding of other cultures and prepare them for life and work as global citizens.

Connecting Classrooms partnerships are supported by local authorities in the UK and district education offices/ministries of education in other countries. This endorsement, in all countries, provides a platform from which broader, strategic links can be formed between areas or districts in the partner countries. To ensure sustainability, clusters of schools participating in the programme are also co-ordinated by a local authority/district education office, or other co-ordinating body.

Partnerships last for two to three years, initially, depending on the countries involved. There is no joining fee, and participating schools and co-ordinating bodies can receive grants to support activities that sustain their links during their involvement in the programme.

Schlagwörter: Schueler; Schule; Kooperation; Austausch; Programm; Internationale Zusammenarbeit; Partnerschaft;
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Bildungswesen allgemeinEuropa und InternationalesInternationaler Austausch
Autor/Kontakt: Contact us For more information about Connecting Classrooms, e-mail us at connectingclassrooms@britishcouncil.org
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Übergeordneter Link: http://www.britishcouncil.org/
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