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Living Values Education for Children and Young Adults Around the World

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Link: http://www.livingvalues.net/

Young people around the world are increasingly affected by violence, social problems, and a lack of respect for each other and the world around them. Educators in many countries are impacted by greater challenges and pressures. The Living Values Education Program is effective in decreasing violence and bullying, and in creating safe, caring school climates which are conducive to quality learning. Living Values Education (LVE) is a way of conceptualizing education that promotes the development of values-based learning communities and places the search for meaning and purpose at the heart of education. LVE emphasizes the worth and integrity of each person involved in the provision of education, in the home, school and community. In fostering quality education, LVE supports the overall development of the individual and a culture of positive values in each society and throughout the world, believing that education is a purposeful activity designed to help humanity flourish.

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Autor/Kontakt: Association for Living Values Education International; http://www.livingvalues.net/contact.html
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