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European Union – supported educational research 1995 – 2003. Briefing papers for policy makers.

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Link: ftp://ftp.cordis.europa.eu/pub/citizens/docs/report_education_03.pdf

This report of 209 pages is available in print at the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities in Luxembourg and the national centres for EU publications.
It is aimed primarily at policy and decision-makers in the wider area of education and training. It is made of Briefing Papers that summarise the results of individual projects and of project clusters that were funded by DG-Research of the European Commission under the EU Fourth and Fifth Framework Programmes. The Briefing Papers were prepared by the Associates with funding from DG-Research and with the kind co-operation of the respective project co-ordinators. The text of the Briefing Papers may be reproduced freely. However, the project reports that the electronic version of the Briefing Papers gives access to (abstract, executive summary, state-of-the-art report and final report of each project) remain the intellectual property of the respective research teams.
Section 1 of this report presents the Briefing Papers of projects funded by DG-Research under the Fourth Framework Programme (1995-1998). All of these projects are now finalised.
Section 2 of the report presents the Briefing Papers of the projects funded under the Fifth Framework Programme (1999-2002).

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Autor/Kontakt: Report editor: Agalianos, Angelos, S. angelos.agalianos@cec.eu.int
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