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Education Systems International

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Unesco Institute of Statistics: China Link


The Unesco Institute for Statistics (UIS) provides the most recent basic data on education in China. You will find information on the following issues:
* General information
* Education System
* Participation in education
* Progression and completion in education
* Education expenditures
* Illiterate population * Literacy Rate
Furthermore you will find extra sections and statistics for the following topics: Science, Technology And Innovation as well as Culture. [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]

Record-ID: 8674
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Resource type: Overview
Keywords from index: education statistics; statistical data; financing; cost of education; science; innovation; literacy; reading competence; UNESCO <United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization>research promotion of research; illiteracy; culture; cultural education;
Free keywords: Schulstatistik/school statistics; Technologie / technology;
Language: English; French
Source / author of the website: UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS)
Country of origin of the resource: international;
Release date: 06.04.2016
Update: 05.12.2016
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