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ʺThe largest English-speaking theatre in continental Europe is not located in Stockholm or Amsterdam but in Frankfurt, Germany’s most international city! 40plus years after its founding, [Link RheinMain Geburtstagsbeitrag] the English Theatre Frankfurt (ETF) is a major player in the Rhein-Main region’s cultural scene and a popular meeting point for the Frankfurt society. Society starlets, financial elite, expats, lovers of the English language, musical fans, and schools with their highly diverse students [Link zu Education-Absatz zu Chancengleichheit Bildung] (and happily accompanying teachers) make up the English Theatre’s crowd. Each year more than 80.000 visitors enjoy ta mix of theatrical classics, relevant plays, witty comedies and musicals – West End quality in the midst of Mainhattan.ʺ Quelle: Anbieter


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