Deutscher Qualifikationsrahmen für lebenslanges Lernen

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Deutscher Qualifikationsrahmen für lebenslanges Lernen verabschiedet vom Arbeitskreis Deutscher Qualifikationsrahmen (AK DQR) am 22. März 2011


Arbeitskreis Deutscher Qualifikationsrahmen AK DQR

Lange Beschreibung:

On March 22, 2011 the German Qualifications Framework Working Group (AK DQR) adopted the German Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning - for the first time a framework is provided which encompasses all qualifications within the German educational system across every field of education. In its capacity as a national implementation of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), DQR accords due consideration to the specific characteristics of the German educational system and assists in achieving appropriate evaluation and comparability for German qualifications in Europe. The objective is to make equivalences and differences between qualifications more transparent and to use this as a vehicle for supporting permeability.


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EU; Kopenhagen-Prozess; EQF; nationaler Qualifikationsrahmen; Qualifikationsrahmen; DQR; deutscher Qualifikationsrahmen






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