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  • Soccer

    Lesson plans, worksheets and online activities

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  • soccer coaching practice plans

    a collection of articles, drills and games designed to help you introduce the concept of space to young soccer players

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  • A research task based on the Soccer World Cup

    A research task based on the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup - Internet-based research, group work, Writing report, Oral presentation, Assessment rubric

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  • Lesson Plans on Soccer World Cup

    Printable lesson plans on Soccer World Cup? with mp3s? (Breaking News English Lessons 2011)

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  • Soccer Coaching Tips

    A collection of articles, drills and games designed to help you coach young soccer players.

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  • Welcome to the wonderful world of soccer

    This webquest is designed to introduce the sport of soccer to you with an emphasis on basic rules, skills, positions and drills that will make you more familiar with soccer both for physical education and outside recreational purposes. Inside this webquest, you will find a worksheet corresponding to our selected links that will further engrave the knowledge into your ...

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  • ‘When the Monkey Chants Are for You: A Soccer Star’s View of Racist Abuse’

    In this lesson, students will look at racism in European soccer and explore ways to address and remedy the problem (New York Times 2020).

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  • All about soccer

    Mit diesem Arbeitsmaterial zum Thema Fußball eignen sich die Lernenden spielerisch den neuen thematischen Wortschatz an und verfassen einen kurzen Text zu einem Fußballspiel.

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