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Education Systems International

CIEP - Im Dienste der französischen Sprache und der Bildung im Ausland Link


Created in 1945, and a national state organisation since 1987, the Centre international d'études pédagogiques (CIEP) is known in France and internationally for its skills in assessment, training and evaluation, and for its ideas in the field of international cooperation in education. A benchmark public-sector provider, it draws on a network of experts and national and international partners to carry out its activities, as well as the know-how of a 250-strong team. It represents a public establishment under the Ministry of Education, working together with numerous French and foreign public and private-sector partners. Three main missions are fundamental: educational cooperation in the education and training sector, public service as a provider and influence, as a laboratory for ideas. The two areas of activity are education (general, higher and vocational education, qualifications recognition) and languages (French language, languages and mobility, evaluation and certifications). To support its activities, the CIEP relies on a number of information and discussion resources: a unit for hosting foreign delegations, a documentary resource centre and a review called the Revue internationale d’éducation de Sèvres.

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