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Education Systems International

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Haridus - ja Teadusministeerium / Estnisches Ministerium für Bildung und Forschung Link


The Estonian Ministry of Education and Research offers general information about the contents and goals of the country concerning the field of education policy and science research. Besides, in the sectors education, research, language, youth, ministry and minister, the website presents details on political conditions and laws, funding processes, programmes, statistics, strategies and developments referring on the work of the ministry, as well as official publications and national curricula.

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Title (English): Estonian Ministry of Education and Research
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Resource type: Institution/Organisation/Association
Keywords from index: education; ministry of education; research; curriculum; vocational training; higher education; school policy; educational policy; vocational education; language policy; further education; financing;
Language: English; Estonian; Russian
Release date: 10.03.2011
Update: 10.03.2011
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