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Sociedade Brasileira de Educação Comparada (SBEC) Link


The website of the Brazilian Society for Comparative Education provides information about its structure and members, about publications (boks, journals, reports), some of them available online for free, about conference announcements and other events as well as a bibliography of Brazilian theses in Comparative Education from 2008 to 2011 (including abstracts).

Record-ID: 2721
URL (original):
Resource type: Institution/Organisation/Association
Keywords from index: comparative education; full text information; learned society; bibliographical data; thesis;
Free keywords: Bibliographie/Bibliografie; Konferenz / conference;
Language: Portuguese
Source / author of the website: Sociedade Brasileira de Educação Comparada (SBEC)
Country of origin of the resource: Brazil;
Release date: 31.08.2001
Update: 05.08.2013
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