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International Workshop on Absorption and Integration of Immigrants

26.04.1999 - 04.05.1999

Galillee College

Intended for senior executives mainly from ministries, public agencies and organisations dealing with the integration of migrants into society, fieldworkers and a limited number of academics specialized in these questions. The workshop will be based mainly on the Israel experience with input of other countries. Themes: Changing concepts of integration, Intagration planning in urban and rural communities, pysical integration of immigrants-housing, services and wellfare, economic integration of immigrants- employment and professional training, entrepreneursship, small business, science and teaching, cultural and social integration, government policies on absorbtion and intagration, raising public awareness. Experts are invited to give their experiences. Citizens of Developping Countries can get a reduction of fees.

Veranstalter Galillee College, Israel in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Geneva and The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI)
Kontaktadresse Gila Alony, Director Program Development Division
E-Mail des Kontakts
Beginn der Veranstaltung 26.04.1999, 00:00
Ende der Veranstaltung 04.05.1999, 00:00
Veranstaltungsstätte Galillee College
Staat Israel
Tagungssprache Englisch
Adressaten Allgemeine Öffentlichkeit; Hochschullehrer/innen / Forscher/-innen; Fachleute aus Bildungspolitik und -verwaltung
Aufgenommen am 26.04.1999
Zuletzt geändert am 11.09.2017

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