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Ariadne Pfad:


The Sixth International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS 2004) Embracing Diversity in the Learning Sciences

22.06.2004 - 26.06.2004

Los Angeles: Santa Monica CA Link

As a field, the learning sciences have drawn from a diverse set of disciplines to study learning in an increasingly diverse array of settings. Psychology, cognitive science, anthropology, and artificial intelligence have all contributed to the development of methodologies to study in learning in schools, museums, and organizations. As the field grows, however, it increasingly recognizes the challenges to studying and changing learning environments across levels in complex social systems. This demands attention to new kinds of diversity in who, what, and how we study and to the issues such diversity raises to developing coherent accounts of how learning occurs and can be supported in a multitude of social contexts, ranging from schools to families, and across levels of formal schooling from pre-school through higher education.


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Veranstalter University of California
E-Mail des Kontakts
Beginn der Veranstaltung 22.06.2004, 00:00
Ende der Veranstaltung 26.06.2004, 00:00
Staat Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Tagungssprache Englisch
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