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5th EARLI SIG 13 Conference

06.07.2016 - 07.07.2016

Universität Salzburg
Kapitelgasse 4-6
5020 Salzburg Ă–sterreich Link

The conference theme focuses on professionals’ ethos and education for responsibility. Very broadly, professionals’ ethos is seen as taking moral issues into consideration when interacting with each other in a professional context. Responsibility means, on one hand, complying with some external requirements (legal norms, authoritative prescriptions, rules, etc.) and on the other hand, complying with one’s own conscience or values system (internal requirements); Education for responsibility, finally, means, first, an ethically justified requirement to consider the target person’s responsibility as an educational goal, especially fostering the students’ internal requirements (values system). Secondly, it means that adequate means are addressed how to achieve this (and other) goals. While ethos is sometimes addressed in the discussions on professionalism, educating for responsibility is rarely a topic in EARLI outside of SIG 13. In the last SIG 13 meeting in Verona, the coordinators organized a “group discussion session” about these issues (see the Coordinators’ Corner in the newsletter “SIG 13 news” issue #13, accessible through the homepage of the SIG 13 ). In the fifth SIG 13 conference in Salzburg, we want to continue this discussion. The conference is relevant for researchers, methodologists, students, and practitioners from different disciplines with interest in professionals’ ethos and education for responsibility as well as in moral and democratic education in general.


Ethik, Bildung, Erziehung, Beruf, Medizin, Wirtschaft, Hochschule, Forschung, Diskussion, Student,

Art der Veranstaltung Konferenz / Tagung / Fachtagung / Kolloquium / Kongress / Symposium
Veranstalter Universität Salzburg
Kontaktadresse Kapitelgasse 4-6, Salzburg, Tel: 0043 (0) 662 8044-0
E-Mail des Kontakts
Beginn der Veranstaltung 06.07.2016, 00:00
Ende der Veranstaltung 07.07.2016, 00:00
Veranstaltungsstätte Universität Salzburg
Staat Ă–sterreich
Tagungssprache Deutsch; Englisch
Relevanz europaweit
Inhaltsbereich der Veranstaltung Sekundarstufe II; Sonderschule/Förderschule; Hochschule; Erwachsenenbildung/Weiterbildung; Soziale Arbeit/Sozialpädagogik; Wissenschaft/Bildungsforschung; Bildungspolitik/Bildungsverwaltung
Adressaten Hochschullehrer/innen / Forscher/-innen; Fachleute aus Bildungspolitik und -verwaltung; Erwachsenenbildner/-innen; Behindertenpädagogen/-pädagoginnen; Sozialpädagogen/-pädagoginnen
Aufgenommen am 26.01.2016
Zuletzt geändert am 07.06.2016

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