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Ariadne Pfad:


ECER 2012: »The Need for Educational Research to Champion Freedom, Education and Development for All«

17.09.2012 - 21.09.2012

University of Cadiz, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters
Ancha 16
11001 Cadiz Link

Major events at the beginning of this millennium, such as the economic crisis, increasing migration, and of people who become refugees, the reorganization of relations between states and trans-national agencies and the influence of free communication on the Internet, arise the need to think about the role of Educational Research as means to ensure and enforce freedom and promote education and the comprehensive development of citizens of the whole world. The political commitment to education for all has been re-emphasized many times, both nationally and by trans-national agencies. In many cases this commitment has been supported by the commitment to explore the foundations for the general and life long education in society, families, institutions, professionals and individuals. On the other hand we see signs to the tendency that governments and trans-national agencies are loosing the strong and necessary interest for educational research. The ECER conference points out these topics and describes recent trends and opportunities for the future. More information about the programme and the registration can be found on the website.


Bildungspolitik, Bildungsforschung, Bildungsentwicklung, Bildungsverwaltung, Bildungssystem, Konferenz, Cadiz,

Art der Veranstaltung Konferenz / Tagung / Fachtagung / Kolloquium / Kongress / Symposium
Veranstalter European Educational Research Association (EERA)
Kontaktadresse European Educational Research Association (EERA e.V.) co Freie Universität Berlin, Arnimallee 12, 14195 Berlin, Telephone:+49 (0)30 838 54978
Beginn der Veranstaltung 17.09.2012, 00:00
Ende der Veranstaltung 21.09.2012, 00:00
Veranstaltungsstätte University of Cadiz, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters
Staat Spanien
Tagungssprache Englisch
Relevanz europaweit
Inhaltsbereich der Veranstaltung Wissenschaft/Bildungsforschung; Bildungspolitik/Bildungsverwaltung
Adressaten Hochschullehrer/innen / Forscher/-innen; Fachleute aus Bildungspolitik und -verwaltung
Aufgenommen am 19.10.2011
Zuletzt geändert am 17.09.2012

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