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CIES99—Globalization: Challenges and Issues for Comparative Education: Education and Civilizational Interaction

14.04.1999 - 18.04.1999

University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
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As we approach the millenial year, there is an increasing sense that the 21st century will be characterized by a new kind of globalism. The universalism of European enlightenment thought and its modernization paradigm has been increasingly challenged by postmodern theories and by the multipolar geopolitical realities that have emerged since the end of the Cold War. In his controversial article and book on The Clash of Civilizations, Samuel Huntington warns the West that it will have to come to terms with deep-rooted civilizational differences in the coming century, differences more profound than the ideological conflicts that underlay the Cold War. The focus of this Conference will be on enrichment through the interaction of civilizations. The reflections on Bringing Culture Back In that made the Buffalo conference such a rewarding event, will be carried forward within the framework of civilizational dialogue. The Conference is intended to stimulate broad thinking about civilizational interaction in the course of world history, and its significance for education. A wide range of themes relating education to cultural and civilizational issues will be encouraged, and the concept of civilization itself may be challenged. For example, are Asian cultures and philosophies part of one or several civilizations? What differential kinds of interaction may they have with those of Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and North America? There may also be interesting interactions among Asian ways of thinking and feminist epistemology, the ideas of indigenous peoples, and particular religious faiths.

Veranstalter Comparative and International Education Society
Kontaktadresse Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, The University of Toronto, CIDEC, Room 10-138, 252 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5S IV6 Canada
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Beginn der Veranstaltung 14.04.1999, 00:00
Ende der Veranstaltung 18.04.1999, 00:00
Veranstaltungsstätte University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Staat Kanada
Tagungssprache Englisch
Adressaten Studierende; Hochschullehrer/innen / Forscher/-innen; Lehrerbildner/-innen
Aufgenommen am 14.04.1999
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