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South Sudan: a new country, a new future through education Link

09/07/2011 - The Republic of South Sudan became the world’s newest country on 9 July. Education is chief of its nation-building tasks. On the request of the South Sudanese Ministry of Education, UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) and UNICEF are providing technical assistance on an Education Sector Strategic Plan. UNESCO took a snapshot of education in South Sudan in a policy paper launched on 21 June in the country’s capital, Juba. Although over one million primary-school age children are out of school and secondary education enrolment is one of the lowest in the world, South Sudan has also made progress in education since the peace settlement in 2005. The governments is initiating key reforms, notably standardizing the primary school curriculum and syllabus and rationalizing the public sector payroll. The paper, entitled Building a better future: Education for an independent South Sudan, was produced by UNESCO’s Education for All Global Monitoring Report team, an independent team hosted by UNESCO.

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