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Historical and theoretical basis of inclusive education [1999], Joseph Kisanji Link

[The author] intend, in this paper, to show how the inclusive education movement was born and the inclusive education approach can ensure that the right to an appropriate education is guaranteed. [He] also want to argue that the measures currently in place will not guarantee this right unless there are major reforms in the education systems. The tide is moving towards those reforms, some experiments are already underway, but obstacles to the changes are indeed great. Perhaps the greatest of these obstacles is the unwillingness of those who wield different types of power, and thus make important decisions as to why and who should be excluded from receiving an appropriate education, to surrender power. [14 S.]

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Europa, Sonderschule, Behinderter, Vergleich, Vereinigtes Königreich, special education, disability, inclusive education, comparison, Europe, United Kingdom, Inklusive Pädagogik,

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