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Women's Educational Experience under Colonialism: Toward a Diachronic Model. Barthel, Diane 1985
Introduces a three-stage historical model of female education in Africa during and since the colonial period. Suggests an historical tendency to educate only [...]

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The Role of External Aid in West African Library Development. Maack, Mary Niles 1986
Identifies four basic categories of assistance contributing to improvement of West African library service, depending on whether outside resources [...]

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Utilizing Proverbs as a Focal Point to Cultural Awareness and Communicative Competence: Illustrations from Africa. Richmond, Edmun B. 1987
Proposes a model of target- and native-language proverb comparison which can be used to assist proverb analysis in the language curriculum, using examples from [...]

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Information Technology and Information Training in West Africa. Alemna, A. Anaba 1990
Outlines current and past library and information education and training in West Africa, focusing on the impacts of technological advancement; suggests [...]

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The Art of West Africa. Hudak, Jane Rhoades 1994
Reviews a curriculum resource unit entitled "Life Expressions: West African Art in the Collection of the Seattle Art Museum," produced by the museum [...]

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Dance Dynamics: Gender Issues in Dance Education. Meglin, Joellen A.; And Others 1994
Seven articles present gender issues from a variety of perspectives, discussing a gender fair dance education program in Australia, gender issues in dance [...]

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Lessons Learnt in the Use of "Contract" Teachers. Synthesis Report Duthilleul, Yael 2005
This report sheds light on the use of contract teachers with a particular focus on Cambodia, Nicaragua and India--countries that have all relied on contract [...]

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L'architecture scolaire. Essai d'historiographie internationale. [Themenheft]. 2004
Schularchitektur wird in diesem Themenheft der Zeitschrift Histoire de l'Éducation unter einem historischen Blickwinkel betrachtet. Zeitlich werden das 19. und [...]

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Universal Child Immunization by 1990. Mandl, P. E., Ed. 1985
The present volume endeavors to highlight the deeper significance and broader implications for development theory, policy and practice of the realization of the [...]

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