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An interesting article that looks at intercultural aspects of Halloween: ʺBecause of Halloween's proximity to very sacred religious observation(s) in Catholic European countries, such as All-Soul's Day and All-Saint's Day (the days of the dead), some European ESL students might come to the table with a predetermination that North Americans (or others) are disrespecting their sacred memories of the deceased. This, in fact, has happened to me personally on more than one occasion. Rather than a cause for alarm, it is, instead, a unique opportunity to employ a little cultural diplomacy by introducing a condensed history of Ireland's Samhain (apparently pronounced ʺSOW-enʺ in Gaelic) and getting your ESL students to explain the meanings and rituals of their own localized religious observances by comparing and contrasting them with the history and traditions of ʺAll Hallows' Eveʺ.ʺ (Quelle: Anbieter)


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