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Extreme flood events and their consequences for affected residents are mentioned in the media often and are thus observed by the pupils on a regular basis. In light of the presently ongoing discussion about possible consequences of anthropogenic influenced climate change, there is renewed public interest in climate based extreme events. A natural hazard like a flood is not determined by nature only, but by humans and their dealing with threats; starting here, a lot of questions, equally relevant for school lessons, arise. Which locations are highly at risk? How do human activities influence flood risks? What kind of protective measures can be taken? Remote sensing data and geographic information systems (GIS) are an important contribution to the solution of these questions. The aim of the teaching unit „Floods – Dealing with a Constant Threat“ is the evaluation of site selections in the light of natural hazards. Using GIS methods and a digital elevation model within an interactive learning module, the computer is used specifically as work equipment.






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Audiovisuelles Medium; Audiovisuelles Medium; Grafik; Karte; Text; Arbeitsblatt; Simulation; Unterrichtsplanung


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Klimawandel; Fernerkundung; Überschwemmung; Naturkatastrophe; Naturgefahr

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Flooding; floods; natural hazard; digital elevation models; geographic information systems; GIS; FIS; climate change; global warming




Schule; Sprachen und Literatur; Fremdsprachen
Schule; Sprachen und Literatur; Englisch
Schule; sozialkundlich-philosophische Fächer; Geographie
Schule; sozialkundlich-philosophische Fächer; Geographie; Bilingualer Unterricht
Schule; sozialkundlich-philosophische Fächer; Geographie; Hydrographie
Schule; sozialkundlich-philosophische Fächer; Geographie; Geoökologie
Schule; sozialkundlich-philosophische Fächer; Geographie; Umweltprobleme

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Schüler; Lehrer