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  • English songs and activities

    You want to bring a hit song into your classroom–but are not sure how to use the song as a teaching tool?  A list of hundreds of classroom-friendly songs, organized by theme, along with links to recommended YouTube videos Song-based activities Lesson plan ideas for songs in two categories: Recent Hits and Classic Hits A Grammar + Songs page with worksheets and songs ...

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  • Song List

    Hier findet man eine Liste mit allen Songs von Whitney Houston.

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  • Micheal Jackson is dead

    This news story of entertainer, Michael Jackson, dying at 50, could easily be the start of a great WebQuest in two subject areas: Media, and, Music: What makes someone like Michael Jackson a superstar and what deeper role did he play in our society?”

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  • Offizielle Homepage

    Ofizielle Homepage mit allen Videoclips und mehr.

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  • I look to you - Whitney Houston

    ʺI look to youʺ - Whitney Houston: A song activity.  

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  • Wikipedia Article

    Wikpedia with a lot of background information.

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  • Whitney Houston- 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons

    Students will discuss style and characteristics of musical time periods. Students will discuss the definition of “pop culture and  they will compare and contrast modern-day popular icons to music icons throughout history.

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  • Michael Jackson

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  • Whitney Houston Biography

    Hier gibt es einen Steckbrief von Whitney Houston

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  • Whitney Houston

    This article is from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the person.

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