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  • Inside the Cell

    Science education booklet that explores the interior design of cells and vividly describes the processes that take place within its organelles and structures (National Institute of General Medical Sciences (2012).

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  • Neuroscience & the Classroom: Making Connections

    A video course for teachers and school counselors. 42 video modules of varying lengths, course guide, online text and Web site (Annenberg Foundation 2012).

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  • Life Sciences Education

    The Life Sciences Education journal (American Society for Cell Biology) started publishing peer-reviewed articles in spring 2002 at the K-12, undergraduate, and graduate levels (2011).?

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  • The Life Cycle of Plants

    Set of revision activities including ”Seed Growth”, ”Parts of a flower”, ”Seed Dispersal”, and ”Plant Identification” (Birmingham Grid for Learning 2011).

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  • The Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching Digital Library

    Sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professors Program, the Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching is designed to ”enhance undergraduate biology education by training a new generation of ’scientific teachers.” ?Users will find twenty units designed to get young people excited about science, including ”Going Viral!” and ”Microbial Ecology, ...

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  • Exploring Life’s Origins: A Virtual Exhibition

    Multimedia exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston, which aims to ”use molecular illustration and animation to help describe origins of life research and theories” (2011) ?

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  • Case studies: Bioscience learning and teaching

    Lesson plans and activities vetted by science educators? (UK Centre for Bioscience? 2011)

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  • Using Biotechnology to Detect and Treat Disease

    This four-part lesson begins with a video that examines the threat and mechanism of a bird-borne viral infection (avian flu), as well as the controversial genetics work being done to help prevent future flu pandemics? (Amgen Foundation? USA 2011).

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  • Cells Alive

    The site was created by scientist Jim Sullivan, and it includes images, animations, and descriptions that tell about the function of various cells (USA 2002-11).

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  • Genes, Health and Society

    Online course designed for undergraduate students and classroom educators (BioEd Online, USA 2011)?

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