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  • Geographical Association (U.K.)

    The GA promotes and supports geography teaching by producing resources for teachers (2010).

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  • National Association of Biology Teachers

    Selection of Websites that deal with ten different areas of biology, including animals, bioethics, evolution, and stem cell research (NABT USA 2014)

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  • American Association of Physics Teachers: Downloadable Teacher Resources & Guides

    Several video guides, including one that documents the well known collapse of the Takoma Narrow Bridge in 1940, which is a commonly used case study in physics and engineering courses (2010).

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  • International Masters Games Association (IMGA)

    Das International Masters Games Association (IMGA) wurde im Jahr 1995 bildete von Mitgliedsunternehmen internationalen Verbände, um die Vertretung der Masters Sport weltweit zu sein und lebenslanges Wettbewerb, Freundschaft und Verständnis zwischen reifen Sportler, unabhängig von Alter zu fördern, Geschlecht, Rasse, Religion oder Sport Status. Ziel ist es, die olympische ...

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  • The H.G. Wells Society

    The H.G. Wells Society is an association composed of persons interested in Wells’s life and works, who are anxious to encourage a wider interest in his writings and ideas.

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  • Physics Education Research Central

    Articles, theses and dissertations, research groups, curricular material, and news from the American Association of Physics Teachers. The For the Classroom section  is a great resource for educators (2014).

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  • The Physics Front

    Physics resources such as ”conceptual physics” and ”AP-Calculus”, lesson plans, and the latest ”Featured Resource” (American Association of Physics Teachers 2012)

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  • Chemistry Now

    Online video series that uncovers and explains the science of common, physical objects (NBC and the National Science Teachers Association, USA 2012).

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  • How Courts Work

    The American Bar Association (ABA) hosts an excellent web page designed to detail the intricacies of how courts in America actually work.

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  • Kids and Community

    This site offers students the opportunity to explore their own community and compare their community with other communities (American Planning Association 2007).

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