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  • EGO | European History Online

    The project investigates processes of intercultural exchange in European history whose impact extended beyond state, national and cultural borders (2022).

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  • Cartoons von Steve Bell

    Steve Bell is an English political cartoonist, whose work appears in The Guardian and other publications. He is known for his left-wing views (UK 2022).

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  • Monologues About a Person

    Students choose one “overlooked” person to explore, and then share what they found out with the class via an essay or a spoken monologue (USA: NYT 2023). 

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  • How the European Parliament is organised

    The European Parliament is the only supranational institution whose members are democratically elected by direct universal suffrage (EP 2009-13).

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  • Fundamental Determinants of School Efficiency and Equity: German States as a Microcosm for OECD Countries

    Cross-country evidence on student achievement might be hampered by omitted country characteristics such as language or legal differences. This paper (42 p.) uses cross-state variation in Germany, whose sixteen states share the same language and legal system, but pursue different education policies. The same results found previously across countries hold within Germany: Higher ...

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  • Online Game zu STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)

     ‘Adventures in Sex City’ is part of a website to educate teens about STDs. The site sets up the game by saying, “In the dark of the night, Sex City is in a panic because of the terrible Sperminator, whose sole mission is to infect all citizens with various sexually transmitted infections.” Visitors are asked to choose an avatar from one of four Sex Squad ...

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