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  • David Ricardo: Principles of Political Economy and Taxation

    David Ricardo veröffentlichte 1817 Principles of Political Economy and Taxation und entwickelte die Theorie der komparativen Kostenvorteile, ein Kernpunkt der Außenhandelstheorie.

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  • Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry

    Organic chemistry textbook, divided into the two overarching topics of General Principles and Functional Group Reactions, by William H. Reusch, emeritus professor at Michigan State University (2016)

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  • Economics: Principles in Action

    Das High-School-Lehrwerk von Prentice Hall (USA 2002-2013)

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  • Constitution Society: Liberty Library of Constitutional Classics

    The U.S. Constitution Society is a private non-profit organization dedicated to research and public education on the principles of constitutional republican government (2010).

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  • Democracy in America

    15-part course that combines video, print, and Web resources to provide a deeper understanding of the principles and workings of American democracy (Annenberg 2009).

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  • The Institute of Physics: Content Tailored for Teachers

    The Institute of Physics, based in London, has created this page for teachers looking for high-quality resources to help students learn about the basic principles and laws of physics (UK 2012). 

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  • Green Chemistry Teaching Resources

    The goal of these materials is ”to increase awareness and understanding of Green Chemistry principles, alternatives, practices, and benefits within traditional educational institutions and among practicing scientists.” (American Chemical Society 2012)

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  • SLASH, CUT, SPEND: Exploring the Impact of Keynesian Economics During a Recession

    In this NY Times lesson, students define and examine the role of Keynesian economics during recessions and depression, then write a memo to President Obama advising him on how to put Keynesian principles into practice (2009).

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  • Economic Principles: How the Economic Machine Works

    This site established by Ray Dalio attempts to educate readers about the nature of domestic and global economies. The flagship media piece on the site is a 30-minute explication of how Dalio understands the economy, using a simple machine metaphor to explain the basic driving forces of the economy, to analyze what leads to ups and downs in the economy, and to define such basic ...

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  • Web lab - Mendels peas (englisch)

    Parts 1 and 2 (top menus, left to right) demonstrate basic principles of meiosis, fertilization, and inheritance using the same pea traits that Mendel studied. We suggest you start at the beginning to brush up on the basics. But if you just can’t wait to play the game, skip ahead to Part 3, The Princess and the Wrinkled Peas.

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