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  • Understanding Meaningful Lyrics

    Englische Songtexte mit Anleitungen zu ihrer Interpretation und deutscher Übersetzung.

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  • Making the French Revolution Meaningful

    Kurze Video-Dokumentation des Unterrichts in einem High-School-Kurs (Advanced Placement) zur Französischen Revolution (Teaching Channel 2014)

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  • Oral History in the Digital Age

    The website connects interested persons and organizations to a range of resources related to crafting a meaningful and dynamic oral history project (Michigan State Universit, USA 2013).

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  • Futures without Violence

    Using literature to engage teens in meaningful discussions and reflection about abuse may be a less familiar approach to some teachers. The following information may be helpful to you and your students as you prepare to discuss these sensitive yet important topics.

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  • UNESCO Guidelines on Intercultural Education

    In a world experiencing rapid change, and where cultural, political, economic and social upheaval challenges traditional ways of life, education has a major role to play in promoting social cohesion and peaceful coexistence. Through programmes that encourage dialogue between students of different cultures, beliefs and religions, education can make an important and meaningful ...

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