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  • Local government in England

    Wikipedia (2009)

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  • Government Lesson Plans

    This website  provides free and easy to use resources for teachers dedicated to improving the education of today’s generation of students.

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  • About Government

    There are links to more than 50 sites about the U.S. Congress. We have also provided links to four major search engines and to a handful of sites about the federal government more generally.

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  • U.S. Government Printing Office

    Official information from all three branches of the Federal Government (2009)

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  • South Africa Government Online

    South Africa Government Online -  BATHO PELE - putting people first

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  • What Are the Economic Functions of Government?

    Governments provide the legal and social framework for the economy of a nation. Citizens, interests groups, and political leaders disagree on how large the scope of government should be. (National Council on Economic Education, USA 2005)

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  • Local Government Web Sites in England and Wales

    This site provides links to Web sites operated by or on behalf of elected local authorities in the United Kingdom. Over 450 Local Authorities are listed (2009).

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  • Computer Lab Work on the American Government

    Worksheet Year 9 (V. Habl, Gymnasium am Mosbacher Berg, Wiesbaden) - The class works in groups of three on the topic ”The American System of Government”. Each group helps to solve the assignment given by the teacher. Nine groups will do research, one group prepares the presentation in the intranet.

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  • U.S. Politics, Government, and Law

    List of Reference Websites (Library of Congress 2009)

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  • Outline of American Government

    Online publication of the United States Information Agency (2000-2015)

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