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  • Mapping History Project

    Interactive and animated representations of fundamental historical problems (Uni Münster & University of Oregon 2010)

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  • Madison’s Notes are Missing

    The Interactive Module takes students back in time to the Constitutional Convention. The time-traveler will ask questions of the Founders and report their findings in a news story. Each Founder is voiced and animated.

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  • BBC - Shakespeare speaks

    Shakespeare Speaks is a 20-part series about the life, times and language of William Shakespeare. It is available as an animated and radio series and it has a supporting interactive website, downloadable materials, podcasts and a rich social media experience.

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  • Animated Maps zu zentralen militärischen Ereignissen der Krieges

    Großes Themenportal des britischen Senders mit zahlreichen Artikeln zum Kriegsverlauf und Kriegsende, interaktiven Animationen und Bildern Themen sind u.a.: Countdown to World War Two, The Allies at War, The Gathering Storm, Winston Churchill: Defender of Democracy - die britische Perspektive.

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