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  • Alexis de Tocqueville

    Website mit vielen Materialien zur Reise Tocquevilles in die USA 1831 und zu ihren Ergebnissen (C-SPAN 2013)

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  • The European citizens’ initiative

    Regulation ?adopted by the European Parliament and the Council which defines the rules and procedure governing this new instrument (EU 2011) ?

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  • Alexis de Tocqueville: Demokratie in Amerika (1835)

    Online-Ausgabe des Klassikers (University of Virginia 2009)

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  • Oxford Text Archive

    Riesige Online-Bibliothek (U.K.) mit (fast) allen Texten zu philosophischen und politischen Ideengeschichte (2009).

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  • Plato: The Republic

    Lesson objectives: Students will understand: 1. In The Republic, Plato described the ideal society. 2. Today’s readers can adopt, modify, or reject Plato’s views.

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  • Machiavelli’s The Prince

    Lesson on concepts of leadership (Discovery 2007)

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  • What did democracy really mean in Athens?

    While we might consider elections to be the cornerstone of democracy, the Athenians who coined the term actually employed a lottery system to choose most of their politicians (TED-Ed 2015).

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  • Democracy in Theory and Practice

    The twelve units range from concerns with electoral politics in the U.S. (partly prompted by the election year 2008), to constitutional politics and the founding, to the impact of the media (including the internet) on US democracy, to democratic politics as viewed through and influenced by literature, to the enfranchisement of marginalized groups, and specific policy issues ...

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  • ’The Prince’ and ’Why Machiavelli Still Matters’

    This New York Times lesson pairs Machiavelli’s ”The Prince” with the Times Opinion article ”Why Machiavelli Still Matters” by John T. Scott and Robert Zaretsky (2014).

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  • Edmund Burke: Speech to the Electors of Bristol

    Burkes Rede an seine Wähler am 3. Nov. 1774 (Online Library of Liberty 2009)

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