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  • The lazy bear

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  • The animal shelter

    There are lots of animals at the animal shelter. The Good family wants to adopt an animal to take home and look after. Which animal will they adopt? (Quelle: British Council)

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  • The hungry hippo

    The children are swimming in the river. Look out! Here comes a hungry, hungry hippo! Will they escape? (Quelle:British Council)

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  • No dogs

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  • Little Red Riding Hood

    Little Red Riding Hood is a little girl who lives in a forest! One day she went to visit her granny. Can you guess who she met in the wood? (Quelle:British Council)

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  • Why Anansi has thin legs!

    Anansi is clever and cunning, and always hungry. One day he was a bit too greedy, find out what happened in this story. (Quelle:British Council)

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  • The voyage of the animal

    When their boat sinks, the animal orchestra reach an island. Will they be able to escape? (Quelle:British Council)

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  • No dogs

    Katie and Jaia are having great fun at the playground, and Jessie wants to play too. But he can’t...because he’s a dog. Read and listen to a story about a dog who wants to go on the swings! (Quelle: British Council)

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  • StoryPlace - the children's digital library

    Die "Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County" hat eine digitale Bibliothek für Kinder im Vorschul- und Grundschulalter zusammengestellt. In der ´´Pre-School Library´´ finden sie einfache Texte in Reimform, in der ´´Elementary Library´´ Geschichten zum Mitmachen. Dabei reicht das Themenspektrum von A wie ´´Animals´´ bis T wie ...

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