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  • The ballad of Lisa the lemur - Song

    Lemurs live in the forests of Madagascar, an island off the coast of Africa. But lemurs are in danger as the forests disappear. Listen to a song about Lisa the Lemur and learn about lemurs.

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  • The river - Song

    Animals were important to the ancient Egyptians. Listen to a song about all the animals living along the river. You can do the actions too! (Quelle:British Council)

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  • Everything beneath the sea - Song

    Our seas and oceans are full of life. Find out about some of the amazing creatures that live there. (Quelle:British Council)

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  • Old MacDonald - Song

    What animals has Old MacDonald got on his farm? What noise do they make? Listen to the song and find out. (Quelle: British Council).

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  • How much is the dog in the window? - Song

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  • Can a flea climb a tree? - Song

    Can a mouse build a house? Listen to this funny song. (Quelle:British Council)

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  • Animal House - Song

    Is there a kangaroo in your kitchen? Is your home like the crazy house in this song? (Quelle:British Council)

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