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  • Royal Society of Chemistry: Education

    Resources for teachers and students (UK 2014)

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  • Electoral Reform Society

    Vereinigung zur Reform des britischen Wahlsystems (2015)

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  • The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics, and Society

    The Pew Research on Religion and Public Life Project conducted over 38,000 face-to-face interviews in 29 countries to compile this report on Muslim views on religion, politics, and society (USA 2013-15).

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  • The H.G. Wells Society

    The H.G. Wells Society is an association composed of persons interested in Wells’s life and works, who are anxious to encourage a wider interest in his writings and ideas.

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  • The Shaw Society

    The Shaw Society was established in 1941 to provide a forum to discuss the life and works of George Bernard Shaw.

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  • Massachusetts Historical Society: Lesson Plans

    The lesson plans and other resources featured here were developed by the Massachusetts Historical Society (2013).

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  • Genes, Health and Society

    Online course designed for undergraduate students and classroom educators (BioEd Online, USA 2011)?

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  • National Statistics Online (UK)

    Home of official UK statistics: Britain’s economy, population and society at national and local level (2009)

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  • Geological Society of America

    Lesson Plans zu zahlreichen geographischen Themen (2012)

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  • Class Actions

    In this New York Times lesson (2005), students examine the many facets of the term “class” defining the term and exploring some of the ways that class plays into life in American society. They then participate in a poll about class-related issues and administer a poll to others, evaluating their findings and comparing them to the results of a similar New York Times poll. ...

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