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  • The First Protest Against Slavery

    On February 18, 1688 the first protest against slavery in the new world was drafted in Germantown (Thones Kunders House).

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  • The Whitney Plantation

    Plantation museum in the state of Louisiana dedicated to telling the story of slavery, covering topics like Resistance, Slavery in Louisiana, the Atlantic Slave Trade (2015)

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  • The Geography of Slavery in Virginia

    Transcriptions and images of over 4,000 runaway and captured ads for slaves and servants placed in Virginia newspapers from 1736 to 1790 (University of Virginia 2013)

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  • The History of Slavery in America

    Dreiteiliges Video bei YouTube (2014)

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  • The Underground Railroad: The Struggle Against Slavery

    Covering a broad range of topics, this digital history project presents the Underground Railroad as a living entity composed of communities, organizations, events, and places, focusing primarily on Detroit and the Midwest.

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  • The Friend of Man (1836 - 1842)

    One of the most significant newspapers documenting early anti-slavery and other reform movements (Cornell University 2015)

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  • Antislavery Collection, 1725-1911

    The Antislavery Collection at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst contains several hundred pamphlets and books pertaining to slavery and antislavery in New England from 1725-1911 (USA 2014).

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  • Slavery and the Making of America

    Umfangreiches Dossier aus Quellen und anderem Anschauungsmaterial zu den wichtigen Aspekten dieses Themas. Außerdem werden sechs Unterrichtseinheiten für die Altersgruppe von 9 bis 18 Jahren vorgeschlagen (PBS, USA 2004-14).

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  • The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano

    First published in 1789 the autobiography of Olaudah Equiano describes Equiano’s time spent in slavery, and documents his attempts at becoming an independent man through his study of the Bible, and his eventual success in gaining his own freedom and in business thereafter.

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  • The Atlantic slave trade

    This TED-Ed lesson discusses the historical, economic and personal impact of the slave trade (2015).

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