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1 bis 10

    Students research materials about Queen Elizabeth II and Great Britain and give a presentation to show British culture, history and practical knowledge about Great Britain.

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  • Arbeitsblätter ”Great Britain/London”

    Arbeitsblätter sowie Arbeitsmaterialien zum kostenlosen Download finden Sie auf den Seiten von Monika Wegerer.

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  • The Industrial Revolution

    Students explore the development of the textile industry in Great Britain, focusing on the invention of various machines. They link the rapid growth in both the textile industry and in coal mining in Great Britain to the development of social ills and the political push to alleviate some of the atrocious conditions under which people worked. They connect the process of ...

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  • Magna Carta (Great Charter) of 1215

    Through an in-depth analysis of primary and secondary sources, students in this lesson will identify, understand and be able to explain the basic ideas contained in the Magna Carta of 1215 (passports 2014)

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  • BBC: History Extra

    The official website of the BBC History magazine is a great place to learn about British history via a litany of blogs, book reviews, fun quizzes, and more. It also maintains a trove of informative podcasts dating back to 2007 (UK 2014).

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  • Participate - Constitutional Rights Foundation

    We help students become informed and engaged by educating them about their rights and responsibilities...

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  • Carnival

    In this lesson, you will learn some basic vocabulary and facts on the Rio de Janeiro Carnival in Brazil and the Notting Hill Carnival in London, Great Britain.

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  • Großbritannien und Nordirland

    Die Klasse 3a der Karl-Krull-Grundschule in Greifswald präsentiert Fakten und Informationen zu Großbritannien und Nordirland auf den Seiten von Primolo.

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  • UE History in Songs – the Jakobites

    Modul für den bilingualen Geschichtsunterricht über Aufklärung und den letzten Aufstand der Jakobites auf der Basis von 5 schottischen Folksongs (The Corries)

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  • Magna Carta through eight centuries

    Wirkungsgeschichte der Magna Charta von 1215 bis zur Gegenwart (Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, 2015)

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