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  • European Union

    Official website of the European Union (2015)

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  • How the European Parliament is organised

    The European Parliament is the only supranational institution whose members are democratically elected by direct universal suffrage (EP 2009-13).

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  • D@dalos: What is the European Union?

    Course and text sources regarding the history of European integration, Institutions in the EU, Enlargement and reform (D@dalos 2009-14)

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    Study by Rahel Aichele and Gabriel Felbermayr (Bertelsmann-Stiftung 2015)

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  • European Parliament: Ethics and transparency

    This site explains the principles of conduct for Members of Parliament, in particular, their legislative work. Interest representatives can be searched in a public Transparency Register (2015)

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  • Legislative Observatory of the European Parliament

    The Legislative Observatory analyses and monitors the interinstitutional decision-making process in the European Union, the role of the European Parliament in shaping European legislation and the activities of the various institutions involved in the legislative procedure (2009-15).

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  • European Foreign Policy Scorecard

    Annual assessment of Europe’s performance in dealing with the rest of the world. The scorecard assesses the performance of the EU institutions on 80 policy areas arranged aroundsix key themes (European Council on Foreign Relations 2015).

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  • EuroparlTV

    Created by the European Union, the EuroparlTV site is designed to bring information about their activities to a wide audience. The site is available in all of the national languages of the European Union (2009)

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  • European Union: Introduction

    Dieses Modul für Klasse 10 führt in Gliederung und Eigenheiten der Europäischen Union ein (LMZ Baden-W. 2014)-

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  • Europe in 12 lessons

    Students find out what the European Union does, what it’s for and how it works in 12 easy lessons you can download from the EU bookshop (2010-2014).

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