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  • Economic systems

    This is an introductory lesson on economic systems. The students will determine how basic economic questions are answered in each system (School Improvement in Maryland 2008).

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  • Comparative Economic Systems

    Students research the economic systems of a communist country and a third-world country and compare them to the US, guided by questions and using information from the CIA World Factbook website (EconEd 2007).

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  • What Are the Economic Functions of Government?

    Governments provide the legal and social framework for the economy of a nation. Citizens, interests groups, and political leaders disagree on how large the scope of government should be. (National Council on Economic Education, USA 2005)

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  • Economic Freedom, Political Freedom: Their Meaning, Their Results

    How is economic freedom related to political freedom? The Heritage Organization and Freedom House are two ”think tanks” dedicated to researching this relationship. Explore the 50 variables that are considered such as property rights, price and wage controls, and banking. (EconEd 2007)

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  • How Has the Constitution Shaped the Economic System in the U.S.?

    Students find examples from the newspaper of the six characteristics of a market economy as they exist in the U.S. today. Then find how the U.S. Constitution supports those characteristics. Finally, compare the economic provisions of the U.S. Constitution with that of China to understand the difference between a command and a free system. (National Council on Economic ...

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  • Market Failures and Government Regulation: Is the Cure Worse than the Disease?

    Economic efficiency is something much more than producing goods at the lowest possible cost. In involves providing individuals with the goods and services they desire, in the quantities, qualities, places, and times they desire them, with the least use of society’s scarce resources. In America, antitrust laws forbid the use of certain practices that are detrimental to ...

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  • Lernen für die Arbeitswelt. OECD-Studien zur Berufsbildung. Länder-Studie Deutschland

    Die Studie erörtert die wichtigsten Herausforderungen, vor denen das deutsche Berufsbildungssystem aus Sicht der OECD steht und gibt Handlungsempfehlungen für die Politik. (09/2010)

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