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  • Cloze text about the final Peanuts Cartoon

    Cloze Text: Read through this short article about the final Peanuts cartoon, the cartoon where Snoopy the dog appears. Use ONE word to fill each gap. Mit Lösung.

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  • English Tenses with Cartoons

    Verb tenses main page

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  • Cartoons ”United Nations”

    Professional Cartoonists Index web site (2009)

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  • World War I Cartoons

    From Wikimedia Commons (2014)

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  • Karikaturen für die Bildungsarbeit

    Hier im Besonderen: Stilmittel der Karikatur

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  • Jokes, Quotations, and Cartoons in Economics

    Students will apply their knowledge of economics to the analysis and interpretation of jokes, quotations, and cartoons in economics.  Students will watch a Paul Solman video of an interview of Yoram Bauman, the Stand up Economist.  Students will use Daryl Cagel’s cartoon website, JokEc on the Web, and news media to find economics humor and interpret (EconEd ...

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  • Cartoons English Council

    You can listen to illustrated jokes involving puns or other ways to play with words. Listen, laugh and learn! Not only for beginners.

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  • Cartoons for the Classroom

    This resource supports high school educators who are looking for ways to use the visual rhetoric of political cartoons to highlight issues in current American politics, civics, and cultural life (USA 2016).

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  • Dirksen Cartoons

    Cartoons und Lesson Plans zu zahlreichen Themen der US-Innenpolitik in den 60er Jahren des 20. Jahrhunderts (The Dirksen Congressional Center 2007-12)

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  • Political Cartoons in U.S. History

     Historical context, teaching suggestions, links to online resources (Library of Congress 2011)

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