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  • Atmospheric Circulation

    The topics weather and atmospheric circulation are foreseen for many curricula in secondary education. They are very much relevant for the students’ geography education as without knowledge of atmospheric processes (as a driving force) the distinctions among the natural potentials of different areas cannot be fully understood.

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  • Floods

    Extreme flood events and their consequences for affected residents are mentioned in the media often and are thus observed by the pupils on a regular basis. In light of the presently ongoing discussion about possible consequences of anthropogenic influenced climate change, there is renewed public interest in climate based extreme events. A natural hazard like a flood is not ...

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  • Oases - explored from near and far

    Dry lands are a major part of the world’s ecozones, they are of increasing relevance for a growing number of people, not just since the discussions on climate change. Within this range of topics, this module covers the different types of oases and their display as a model. Here, the application of satellite images is particularly beneficial since the pictures show clearly in ...

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  • Traces of Fire (Geography)

    Forest fires claimed a large number of lives and caused great ecologic damage in the Mediterranean in the past years. During the summer and while the fires last, the media coverage is extensive – one can watch countless reports on the course of the fires, listen to interviews on losses and human tragedies, and read about backgrounds. But what about the developments in the ...

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  • Tsunami

    The main objectives of the teaching unit Tsunami – When waves change everything cover the training of spatial perception and assessment, risk detection and damage evaluation using satellite images. Within this group of topics, the application of satellite images appears to be particularly beneficial when looking at them at different times because it facilitates the comparison ...

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  • Tracing the Invisible

    Within the thematic complex of the optics, satellite images apply exceptionally well. The physical basics of satellite remote sensing reach from the recording to the completed satellite image. The goal of the teaching unit "Tracing the invisible" is to convey the interrelations among the electromagnetic spectrum, reflect ion, absorption and the processes of recording ...

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  • Traces of Fire (Biology)

    Environmental pollution, overexploitation of resources and climate change are terms children and adolescents are confronted with more and more frequently. These terms are connected with the threatening and extinction of plant and animal species. While the environmental conditions are changing faster, many species are not able to adapt. Even landscapes are increasingly changing ...

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  • Contrast

    Satellite images are a practical way to convey the set-up of digital pictures as well as the basics of digital picture processing. The Contrast learning module aims at an advancement of the pupils’ knowledge on digital image processing and data structure. The module makes use of the computer’s scope in order to convey the topic involving animation and interaction. Dealing ...

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  • Pixel off the right Path

    Dealing with functions mathematically is a basic aspect of this module. In addition, the pupils ought to learn about aspects of remote sensing. These aspects are divided into basic and optional parts. The basic facets are inalienable in order to comprehend the task. The additional facets are useful and interesting information for making the instruction ...

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  • Brown Coal - Land Use Change Through Surface Mining

    The impact of man on nature can be demonstrated especially well through the example of brown coal surface mining. The expansion of the area of surface mining leads – depending on the scope of the expansion – to a corresponding myriad of ecological, social, and economical consequences. The examination of these causal relations and their consequences for man and nature is ...

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