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  • Vocabulary University is a free resource used in over 20,000 schools to enhance vocabulary mastery & written/verbal skills. Exercises  include: Interactive Puzzle, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Definition Match, Synonym & Antonym Encounters, Crosswords, Word Finds, True/False and Word Stories...

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  • I speak football

    Language skills do not just benefit footballers. It’s also an ability required by many people in our modern international world. There are personal advantages, but also the understanding of other languages is a big step to understanding another culture, and therefore a means against xenophobia and racism.

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  • Leo s Dictionary

    Sehr empfehlenswert. Die neue Version des Wörterbuchs enthält einen Vokabeltrainer und erheblich mehr Begriffe als die bisherige Version und die Darstellung der Inhalte hat deutlich an Übersichtlichkeit gewonnen.

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  • English Vocabulary and Phrase Sheets (SII)

    Michael Dugdale’s phrase sheets that can be accessed via this page cover a variety of topics discussed in English courses 11.1 to 13.2 in accordance with the curriculum. They deal with some of the basic vocabulary and phrases that students will find useful in working on these topics.

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  • Teaching Materials for Christmas

    For better orientation, the materials are sorted by level. Some lower-level materials (e.g. Advent calendar, ecard) may also be fun for students at higher levels.Have fun and a wonderful pre-Christmas period.

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  • myfuture

    myfuture guides you through activities to help you explore your career. You will answer questions, explore career suggestions made by myfuture, select career favourites, clarify your career direction, and then, create an action plan to help you reach your career goals.

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  • Talk about English

    Downloadable webcasts und scripts. Our regular weekly ’Talk about English’ webcast will return in February 2007 with new features! In the meantime we’ve had a lot of requests for an archive of downloadable programmes. Here is list of programmes and scripts from 2006 which you can download and keep.

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  • BBC Watch and Listen

    In this part of the BBC site you can improve and practise your English with activities that involve listening and watching. Each of the sections below has something to listen to, some have video as well and there are lots of exercises to test your comprehension.

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  • Great speeches and topics in history

    Berühmte Reden von Kennedy, Martin Luther King...

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  • Medienpaket: Relativpronomen

    Who und which sind nicht nur wichtige englische Fragewörter, sondern auch Relativpronomen. Man kann damit jemanden oder einen Gegenstand genauer beschreiben, ohne einen neuen Satz zu bilden. Wie das geht, erklärt dieses Medienpaket

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