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  • The Economics of Recycling

    Students will review the legislation in Japan that requires all consumers to pay a fee for recycling large appliances.

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  • Visualizing Economics

    Under the guidance of Catherine Mulbrandon, the site brings together economic data and the powerful techniques of information visualization. You find thematic maps as ”Where do Britain’s rich and poor live?” and the ”United States Household Income Map”. (2007)

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  • SparkNotes: Economics

    Einführung in zentrale Themen des Faches ”Economics” (USA 2009-15)

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  • Spartacus: Economics

    U.K. - Gateway to Economics (2009)

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  • Economics Help

    Essays on topical issues of Economics, dealing with the latest developments in UK and US economies.? Author: Tejvan R. Pettinger?, an Economics teacher? (UK 2011)

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  • Baseball Economics

    EconEd lesson on Key Economic Concepts: Factors of Production, Incentive, Marginal Resource Product, Profit Maximization? (2011)

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  • Class Notes Economics

    Social Studies help for 12th grade (USA 2009-15)

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  • Case Studies for Teaching Economics

    The Economics Network of the UK’s Higher Education Academy provides resources to support university teachers of economics (2009)

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  • Concise Encyclopedia of Economics

    Easy-to-read articles by top economists, including Nobel Prize winners, over 80 biographies of famous economists, and many tables and charts illustrating economics in action (Library of Economics and Liberty, USA 2008).

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  • Economics U$A: 21st Century Edition

    Created by the Educational Film Center and offered as one of the Annenberg Learner resources, this primer on micro- and macroeconomics includes 28 30-minute programs. These materials were released in 2012, and they cover topics such as Supply and Demand, Economic Efficiency, and Profits and Interest. The program website includes discussion questions, worksheets, and additional ...

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