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  • IMF and World Bank Role Play

    This lesson plan was developed by staff members of the project of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C. (2005).

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  • Monetary Mania

    Online game show that tests knowledge about money and macroeconomics (IMF 2015)

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  • Economic Classroom Experiments

    More than 20 games and experiments that help students to understand an otherwise abstract model (Wikiversity 2011).?

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  • Gen i Revolution

    Personal finance game: Variety of activities to help students learn important personal finance concepts (USA, Council for Economic Education 2010)

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  • Games Economists Play

    Resource for instructors of economics who would like to use non-computerized economic experiments (games) in their classrooms (Journal of Economic Education 2007)

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  • The Cameron Balloons Virtual Factory (Biz/ed)

    The Cameron Balloons Virtual Factory is an extensive resource, that should be of considerable value for A-level Business Studies, and combined Economics and Business courses (2009).

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  • Escape from Knab

    This simulation has students landing on the faraway planet of Knab. Getting a job is no problem but making the correct financial decisions that will earn enough money for a ticket back to planet Earth is a bit more of a challenge. Scenarios include writing checks, making budget decisions, buying a car, investing, and more.

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  • Trading Around the World

    Interactive game on international trade for grade 5 to 8 (IMF 2015)

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  • Unions, Management, Strikes, Confrontation

    Students are going to be part of a negotiating team seeking to secure the best possible deal for the group they are representing. One group will negotiate as the union representing workers in the industry and the other group the management representing the long term interests of the business and the shareholders (BizEd U.K. 2003-15).

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