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  • Directory of U.S. Political Parties

    Resource providing links to the two major political parties and the third parties (Ron Gunzburger, 2009)

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  • Funding of Political Parties - A Brief Overview

    This report from 2006 provides a brief overview of the developments in and arguments over the state funding of political parties in the UK (2014-15).

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  • Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act (U.K.)

    Dieses 2010 verabschiedete Gesetz regelt Parteienfinanzierung, Wahlen und Referenden in Großbritannien ( 2015)

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  • Political Parties: Mobilizing Agents

    Unterrichtseinheit mit Online-Video zum Parteiensystem der USA (Annenberg Media USA 2010)

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  • How to Analyze Political Cartoons

    wikiHow 2009

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  • The FREE Initiative

    The FREE (Far-Right Extremism in Europe) Initiative is a pan-European resource that offers practical guidance on countering far-right extremism across the continent (2015).

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  • UK Uncut

    Network of United Kingdom-based protest groups established in October 2010 to protest against tax avoidance in the UK and to raise awareness about cuts to public services (2014).

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  • Introduction to Political Philosophy

    Lectures by Steven B. Smith (Yale) on some of the major texts and thinkers of the Western political tradition (2011).?

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  • Internet Privacy: A Personal & Political Issue

    In this interactive lesson, students consider the issue of internet privacy, both in their own lives and in society, including government spying, parental monitoring, and corporate tracking of consumers. What is the connection and potential conflict between safety and privacy, both on a personal and institutional level? (TeachableMoment USA 2013)

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  • How Can Citizens Participate?

    The Lesson discusses the different ways citizens may participate (Civnet, USA 2007)

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