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  • Political Parties: Mobilizing Agents

    Unterrichtseinheit mit Online-Video zum Parteiensystem der USA (Annenberg Media USA 2010)

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  • The United States in Afghanistan: Analyzing Political Cartoons

    In this lesson students will explore viewpoints on the U.S. presence in Afghanistan, interpret political cartoons, and identify the techniques used by cartoonists (The Choices Program, Brown University, USA 2011).

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  • Economic Freedom, Political Freedom: Their Meaning, Their Results

    How is economic freedom related to political freedom? The Heritage Organization and Freedom House are two ”think tanks” dedicated to researching this relationship. Explore the 50 variables that are considered such as property rights, price and wage controls, and banking. (EconEd 2007)

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  • Reach Across Your Aisle. Creating a Class Op-Ed Blog

    In this NY Times lesson students will research different political perspectives on a controversial political issue and then write their own opinion piece to be published on a class blog (2009).

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  • How Can Citizens Participate?

    The Lesson discusses the different ways citizens may participate (Civnet, USA 2007)

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  • Should Voting Be Mandatory?

    In this New York Times lesson students discuss the question: Would legally requiring people to vote make for a healthier democracy? (2015)

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  • Ferguson Police Shootings: Considering the Responses

    Students consider nonviolence and violence by discussing the reactions of activists, the police, and others to the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, MO, on March 12, 2015 (Teachable Moment, USA 2015)

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  • It’s No Laughing Matter

    This activity from the Library of Congress is designed to bring the nuts and bolts of political cartoons to life in the classroom, offering up a number of representative works and analyzing their contents (USA 2015).

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  • Internet Privacy: A Personal & Political Issue

    In this interactive lesson, students consider the issue of internet privacy, both in their own lives and in society, including government spying, parental monitoring, and corporate tracking of consumers. What is the connection and potential conflict between safety and privacy, both on a personal and institutional level? (TeachableMoment USA 2013)

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  • The Life of the (Tea) Party

    In this NY Times lesson, students explore the Tea Party movement, compare it to other social movements from U. S. history and consider their impact (2010-15).

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